Farm info

Posted by Featherznest on May 22nd 2017

Farm info

Featherz Nest farm as of May 2017 consist of 16 Alpacas, 9 females and 7 males , 2 Guard dogs both female and raised with our herd. We also raise Lion Head rabbits with current number being 11, we have 30 + layers with 3 roosters and 6 Guinea and 6 ducks, 2 goats Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan. We have 1 Pekinese and 1 cat Sugar and Charlie. We also garden 1/4 acre vegetable garden. We produce fiber through our Alpacas and send  the fiber to COOP that makes our products on this website. We do not use chemicals on our farm and we administer all animal health ourselves with an occasional vet's help when we need it.

At Featherznest we welcome visitors for farm tours by appointment, occasionally we will attend craft and farmers markets plus offer animals for church's and organizations for occasions they deem for teaching and informational services. If you have such a need  we are open to attend with proper notice and planning.

Our herd of Alpacas and all our farm family are just that, family, they each have their own personality and each have a name not a number, each one holds a place in our heart and serve a purpose to make our farm self sufficient. If you have any questions about Alpacas or Featherz Nest give us a call, we are Ron and Cindy Richardson, hope you have a great day.